Orbitron: Revolution blasts onto Xbox LIVE Marketplace!

Hello SunBurn community!

Talk about an exciting weekend!  The awesome team at Firebase Industries just released Orbitron: Revolution - easily the most impressive looking game to ever hit the XBLIG channel!

Since its announcement Orbitron: Revolution has received a lot of attention, and even landed TWO articles on Kotaku:

Kotaku: The Prettiest Xbox Live Indie game You Ever Did See
Kotaku: This Indie Xbox Shooter is Pretty (and Cheap!)

And has made it onto the XBLIG Top Rated list - just check out the fantastic trailer to see why:

Other SunBurn Games

Orbitron: Revolution joins the ever growing ranks of SunBurn games on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.  Here are a couple fantastic titles to name a few:

AvaGlide - a fantastic game that takes your Avatar hang gliding over beautiful islands and active volcanoes.

Perkunas' Dragon - a new 2D game with an intriguing story line and featuring SunBurn's 2D rendering.

The $1 Zombie Game - a fun Zombie shooter that's stayed in the XBLIG Top 10 Downloaded games for months (congrats!).

Awesome work guys, we're wishing you all the best success with your titles!

Not a SunBurn developer yet? Get started now and build something amazing too!

-John Kabus



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Posted 12-05-2011 9:51 PM by JohnK "bobthecbuilder"
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Philippe Da Silva wrote re: Orbitron: Revolution blasts onto Xbox LIVE Marketplace!
on 12-06-2011 11:10 AM

Congratulations to Firebase for this great game. Wish you the success you diserve.

On a side note, the 1$ Zombie Game is also using the Indiefreaks Game Framework. ( self promotion :P)

CJ Bailey wrote re: Orbitron: Revolution blasts onto Xbox LIVE Marketplace!
on 12-06-2011 2:12 PM

Awesome stuff guys!  I bought my copy!   :-)

MadMojo wrote re: Orbitron: Revolution blasts onto Xbox LIVE Marketplace!
on 12-06-2011 7:04 PM

Great job, people! =) I haven't checked price yet, but think I have points to buy it right now. Woot!

holophone3d wrote re: Orbitron: Revolution blasts onto Xbox LIVE Marketplace!
on 12-07-2011 1:04 AM

Just downloaded and played!  Awesome 5 stars!

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