Orbitron: Revolution - by Firebase Industries

Classic 2.5D scrolling shoot em up for Xbox 360, featuring 2 game modes:

Countdown - a wave based score attack mode that has the player racing against the clock to score as many points as they are able within a three minute time limit.

Guardian - the player must protect the four Sector Ports around the Orbitron ring from laser drilling attack droids.

The game also features online scoreboards and an instant replay system where players may fast forward, rewind, pause, and even select five different camera positions to view and track the action.

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Windows Phone 7 Mango Demo - by Microsoft / British Airways

Microsoft teamed up with British Airways to deliver a Mango enhanced version of their Windows Phone 7 check-in app. Developed from scratch in only 9 days, its new functionality includes the ability to select your seat and view its location in an accurate 3D model of a British Airways Airbus 319-100 aircraft.

The resulting fully lit Airbus 319-100 cabin model, with interactive functionality runs at a smooth 25 fps and looks amazing - setting a new level of expectation for future apps and games on the Windows Phone 7.

HoloPhone3D - by CodeCrab Entertainment

Experience the magic of real interactive 3D holograms on your phone! Forget glasses, special screens and 2D gimmicks - HoloPhone 3D delivers real 3D hologram fun for all ages.

It's like having a HoloDeck in your pocket!

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AvaGlide / AvaGlide 2 - by Haiku Interactive

Take your Avatar hang gliding over beautiful islands and active volcanoes. Race through Ring Rush, collect stars in Star Smash, hit your targets in Delivery Dash, or simply unwind and explore in Free Flight.

Featuring three unique settings and nine challenges, with online scoreboards. Take to the skies TODAY!

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Progenitor - by Exato Games

Exciting multiplayer online battle arena game in the DotA genre, that allows you to choose sides in a war between two distinct races, the Humans and Lansorians.

You and 3 of your allies (human or computer) are pitted against the opposing faction's team of four players in an intense struggle for ultimate victory.

Utilizing interchangeable skills, weapons, loadouts, vehicles, items, and even multi-person piloted motherships you will push the enemy back until you decimate them entirely.

Over Night - by Tom Looman Team

Created by an HKU student team, Over Night is a survival horror game where you try to survive the evening in a haunted police station. Will you make it out alive?

The 4 student team lead by Tom Looman developed the game in 8 short weeks.

Cyborg Mice Arena - by Bioroid Studios

Cyborg Mice Arena, the virtual training simulator for Cyborg Mice everywhere, is a fast paced arcade shooter created by Bioroid Studios. Shoot training drones, earn money, upgrade your mice, rinse and repeat!

Featuring customizable characters, unlockable weapons and mods, 1-4 player coop, and disco lights!

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Blast - by 2.0 Studios

Blast is a 3D physics based puzzle game by 2.0 Studios, with a strong focus on deep intuitive gameplay and kickass graphics. It pits the player as a marble, faced with getting to the end of numerous steam-punk levels using a combination of cleverness and quick reflexes.

Avatar Land - by UberGeekGames

UberGeekGames’ 3D platformer, Avatar Land, stars your Avatar as the hero in levels you create! It has a powerful built in level editor which allows you to create and share fun and devilishly hard levels with your friends.

Want to create a chain of events that spawn enemies and powerups, activate doors and switches, and any other combination you can think of? No problem - you're limited only by your imagination.

Copernicus One - by LABS Software

LABS Software’s stunning first-person adventure game, Copernicus One, sets you in the near future trapped within the out-of-control lunar shuttle “Copernicus One”. It’s a race against time to regain control using only items found around you, before crashing on the lunar surface!

IceDome - by Elemental Team

Developed by the Elemental student team for ImagineCup 2008, IceDome is a hover-ship adventure game where you explore the world, locate resources, fight enemies, and reconstruct damaged bases.

The team’s innovative game design and SunBurn’s beautiful visuals landed IceDome in the ImagineCup top 20 finalists.

Crate Expectations - by Haiku Interactive

Haiku Interactive's exciting SunBurn powered game for Xbox, Crate Expectations, allows you to block, trap, and generally annoy your rivals, all while being first to deliver your crates!

Featuring 80 beautiful levels, LIVE multiplayer support, and a super evil AI.

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Needle Juice - by Tom Looman Team

Also created by Tom Looman and his student team at HKU, Needle Juice is a serious game tackling heroin drug addiction. You’re faced with the character’s memories from before his addiction and present day decisions in an attempt to turn his life around.

The 4 student team lead by Tom Looman developed the game in 8 short weeks.

Super Avatar Hero Force - by UberGeekGames

SAHF by UberGeekGames is an intense fighting game where you fend off endless waves of zombie Avatars using your slow-motion ninja kung-fu skills. Watch out for the Giant Robots while saving adorable kittens!

Do you and your Avatar have what it takes to be a Super Hero and stop the evil Dr. Evildude?!

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