Description: Renders SunBurn games in stereoscopic 3D

OculusRift (side by side + lens distortion + headtracking)
Anaglyphic Red/Cyan
Anaglyphic Red/Cyan (Optimized)
SideBySide FullColor (Supported by 3D TVs)
TopAndBottom FullColor (Supported by 3D TVs)

Instructions: //---------------------------------------------------------------------------//
// Stereoscopic 3D Rendering plugin for the SunBurn game engine - includes support for OculusRift //
// -------------------------------------------------------------- 5/19/2013--//
// Created by holophone3d for the WindowsPhone7/8 App 'HoloPhone3D'
// Find out more about amazing 3D experiences at
// Find out more about SunBurn and XNA at
// Instructions:
// 1. Create a StereoscopicRenderer variable in your game class
// 2. Initialize the renderer at the end of LoadContent() - *some example defaults below*
// stereoRenderer = new StereoscopicRenderer(this, sceneInterface, environment, sceneState, frameBuffers,
// MathHelper.ToRadians(70f), .1f, environment.VisibleDistance,
// 6f, .5f, StereoRenderMode.AnaglyphicRedCyanOptimized);
// 3. Update the stereoRenderer view matrix inside Update()
// stereoRenderer.UpdateCameraStereo(view);
// 4. Replace standard SunBurn render calls in Draw - if needed use optional callbacks
// See RenderStereo method and FrameRenderCallback comments for more details
// stereoRenderer.RenderStereo(gameTime, PreRender, PostRender);
// 5. Optional: Set stereoRenderer.EnableDepthTuningMode = true if you want to be able to easily adjust depth settings
// (R,F) Adjust the DepthEffect and (T,G) Adjust StereoFocalLength (Pop-in/pop-out 3D effect)
// (U,J) Adjusts Lens Distortion for OculusRift Renderer only
// Updated values will be written to the output window
// 6. Oculus Rift only - enables headtracking and movement to work together (stil under development)
// Add this line of code to modify the viewRotation before the Quaternion is created in 'ProcessUserInput' for SunBurn samples
// viewRotation = StereoscopicRenderer.UpdateRotation(viewRotation);
// Quaternion rot = Quaternion.CreateFromYawPitchRoll(viewRotation.X, viewRotation.Y, viewRotation.Z);
// Known Issues: RedCyan mode does not work 100% on the ReflectionRefraction demo SunBurn project - please use RedCyanOptimized which does
// Feedback: If you want to help improve the renderer, have any comments, file bugs or suggest fixes to issues pleaese contact me at
// If you want HELP, PLEASE USE the SunBurn forums. I won't have time to reply to assistance via mail, besides the community is super helpful.
// Last but not least, Go forth and enable 3D for all your SunBurn projects!
// P.S. - Since this plugin is given away for free please help me out by supporting HoloPhone3D on Windows Phone!

Type: Plugin
Author: holophone3d
Products: Framework, Indie, Pro, Studio, StudioNoSplash
Platforms: Windows, Wp7, Xbox

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Link Date Type Version Products Platforms
Download May 27, 2013 Source Framework, Indie, Pro, Studio, StudioNoSplash Windows, Wp7, Xbox
Download May 27, 2013 Plugin Framework, Indie, Pro, Studio, StudioNoSplash Windows, Wp7, Xbox