Welcome to SunBurn! Getting started and more.

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JohnK "bobthecbuilder" Posted: 02-02-2009 2:24 PM | Locked

Welcome to the SunBurn community,

Please take a minute to get familiar with the community layout, examples, and documentation.  If you have questions before getting started or during development please feel free to ask.

Finding Your Way Around

Most of the information you'll need when using SunBurn is easily found using the “Your Products” navigation panel located on the right-hand side of nearly all community pages.

The panel provides links to downloads, activation codes, and documentation for products you've purchased:


Getting Started with SunBurn

At launch SunBurn supports XNA 2.0, however an XNA 3.0 version is either available or will be shortly (check the latest SunBurn downloads for details).

Before installing SunBurn the following software is required:

For the XNA 2.0 version (installed in the order below)

For the XNA 3.0 version (installed in the order below)

For the XNA 3.1 version (installed in the order below)

Along with the example projects available in the downloads section, SunBurn also provides a number of Visual C# project templates to help kick-start your games.

If you have any questions let us know!

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