SunBurn Game Engine

See your games come to life! Build stunning games with beautiful visuals, and prototype your ideas using the SunBurn Game Engine.

SunBurn puts professional tools and technology in your hands, making it possible for indies and professionals alike to create AAA quality games.

  • Powerful renderer with support for hundreds of high-quality dynamic lights
  • Ultra-fast built-in light mapping for highly complex scenes
  • Edit scenes, materials, lighting, and more with the in-game editor
  • Material system with full support for custom shaders
  • Audio, physics, component systems, and much, much more
  • DirectX 11 / OpenGL 2.0 and up with support for Shader Models 2.0 to 5.0
  • Free updates for life of the product!

Quickly build games with SunBurn's easy-to-use editor and api, for:

  • Android
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows Surface
  • Windows Store
  • Xbox 360
  • And more!

Join the tens of thousands of developers who already know the power of SunBurn!

Single API and Multiple Platforms

No porting is necessary, simply create games in C# then run on Windows or deploy to a Mac / Linux machine, Surface, tablet, retail Xbox 360 or Windows Phone and enjoy!

Sell your games online (via Steam, Desura, and similar), on Windows Store, Xbox LIVE Marketplace, Windows Phone Marketplace, and more, and start making money! All without DevKits, contracts, or additional paid software.

Easy Asset Creation

Create buildings, characters, and props using your favorite art tools. SunBurn provides support for Blender, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Softimage, Modo, and more – as well as the ability to plug-in support for additional and custom tools. Easily create custom file importers and geometry using the SunBurn content pipeline.

Build scenes and make changes mid-game while playing, and see them in real-time using SunBurn’s built-in editor. SunBurn uses native OS controls, not a rendered ui, for fast and responsive performance.

Completely Modular

Use SunBurn out-of-the-box or plug in custom code and components. SunBurn’s modular design and access to low-level classes makes it easy to add, customize, and modify features.

Best Support in the Business

We provide great products and helpful support for over 10 years - and it comes free with SunBurn. Get help and advice from the SunBurn development team, and learn from the excellent SunBurn community.

And we never charge for product updates – who else can say that?

Become a SunBurn developer today! And work with a company that understands indie and professional developers alike!

Features at a Glance

Check out many of SunBurn's key features. For more information and additional features see the detailed descriptions below.

Advanced Deferred Rendering
Post Processing, AO, and HDR
Blended Terrain with LOD
2D Sprite Rendering
Lighting and Shadows
Dynamic Lighting and Shadows
GPU Accelerated Light Mapping
Screen-space Ambient Occlusion
Material-level Ambient Occlusion
Material-level Indirect Lighting
Control Object and Light Behavior
Add Custom Components
Plug-in New and Replace Built-in Systems
Release Unlimited Number of Products
100% Royalty-Free
No Revenue Restrictions
Build and Release Games and Apps
Build and Release Desktop Applications
Primitive and Mesh Collisions
Trigger Collision Events
Add Custom Collision Handling
Audio and Sound
Play 3D and Ambient Audio
Place Audio Emitters in the Scene
Both Continual and Fire-and-Forget
Materials and Shaders
Diffuse, Bump, and Specular Mapping
Parallax, Emissive, and Color-Specular
Custom HLSL FX Shaders
Scripting and Entities
Add code to scene-object events
Write event code in C#
Tools and Resources
In-Game World Editor
Live View of External Assets
Place Custom Object Types in Editor
Create and Place Prefabs
Premium Examples and Resources


Create multi-platform games using the same assets and code - no porting is necessary. SunBurn's unified API provides the same API, features, and behavior across every platform and device.


Lightweight, flexible renderer provides both Synapse Gaming’s advanced deferred rendering and traditional forward rendering, allowing you to choose the ideal technique for your project.

Fully supports SunBurn Platform Framework Models, custom meshes, and raw vertex and index buffer data. Ideal for games, visualizations, rapid prototyping, and offers access to low-level classes for building custom renderers.

Lighting and Shadows

Vibrant lighting system creates smooth, consistent dynamic lighting and shadows across scene objects. Full range of light types including: point/omni, spot, directional, and ambient.

Efficiently handles hundreds of visible dynamic lights and a variety of lighting models. Built-in shadows use shadow mapping with continuous level-of-detail (LOD), allowing objects to cast shadows onto the scene and themselves (self-shadowing).

Ultra-fast built-in GPU accelerated light mapping can bake-down complex scenes in seconds. Light mapping uses the same rich lighting and shadows as SunBurn's dynamic lighting. Provides automatic generation of light map UVs (auto-unwrap) and can also utilize user specified uv channel.

Automatic material-level ambient occlusion, indirect lighting, and soft fill lighting create radiosity-like visual effects, and volumetric lighting adds depth to the scene.


Efficient physics allow scene objects to collide with each other and the scenery. Supports polygon accurate mesh collisions and primitive box, sphere collisions.

Trigger events when objects collide and non-collideable object pass through one another, and create custom collision handling code.

Audio and Sound

Flexible audio system supports both location based 3D emitters and ambient non-3D sounds. Play audio continuously or in a single "fire-and-forget" shot.

Place audio sources in the scene using the SunBurn editor or in code. Automatically balances the number of audible sources for optimal sound quality and performance.


In-game world editor provides control of scene objects, lighting, shadows, materials, terrain, and environment. See real-time changes to externally edited assets like textures in-game while working.

Built-in project manager allows artists to work on projects entirely from the editor, without ever opening Visual Studio.

Create custom scene object and entity types (classes). Custom types are fully supported by the engine and can be placed, edited, and modified in-editor.

Windows-based interface provides a much smoother, more familiar environment than engine-based editors. Clean, artist-centric design, which is comfortable, efficient, and easy to use.


Flexible built-in materials automatically support all scene objects, and include: diffuse, bump, and specular mapping, as well as skinning. Additional material effects include: parallax mapping for creating incredible surface detail without additional geometry, emissive mapping for adding glow and illumination effects, and color-specular mapping to simulate metallic and oily specular reflections.

Edit materials real-time through the SunBurn editor, as well as outside of the editor using SunBurn material files. Import many material options directly from your modeling application.

Custom Materials / Shaders

Provides automatic support for custom, user-created shaders using HLSL FX files and Standard Annotations and Semantics (SAS).

Custom shader properties are editable through both the SunBurn editor and material files. SunBurn provides automatic lighting, shadows, material (bump, specular, …), and fog support to custom shaders without writing any additional shader code.


Rich, light-weight terrain visualizes both large scale and small scale worlds. Terrain materials includes diffuse, normal, specular, and color specular mapping, as well as blending multiple texture layers into unique materials.

Detail based on height map data for easy terrain creation, and to support dynamic effects like procedural terrains and real-time erosion. Full control of mesh tessellation, level-of-detail (LOD) distance, and more.

Post Processing, Ambient Occlusion, and HDR

Built-in High Dynamic Range (HDR) processor provides bloom, tone mapping, dynamic scene exposure (simulating how the human eye responds to light), and extremely high lighting detail.

Built-in Screen-space Ambient Occlusion (AO) processor simulates real-time radiosity by darkening creases between objects and geometry.

Post processing system allows creating custom full-screen effects such as motion blur, night-vision, and more.

2D Sprites

Build complete 2D worlds with full lighting, shadows, materials, post-processing, and more. Fast and familiar XNA SpriteBatch-like interface for rendering 2D sprites. Introduces static sprites for even faster rendering of non-moving scenery.

Easily mix 2D, 2.5D, and 3D objects in the same scene. Includes default orthographic view for fast setup and prototyping, also supports 3D projections for mixing 2D sprites with 3D worlds.

Art Pipeline

Artist-friendly pipeline provides support for all modeling and texture applications compatible with the SunBurn Platform Framework including: 3D Studio Max, Maya, XSI, Modo, Blender, Photoshop, Gimp, and many more. Native support for popular file formats including: Fbx, Direct X model (*.x), Jpeg, Tga, Png, Bmp, Direct X texture (*.dds), and more.

Imports many material options directly from the modeling application. Takes full advantage of the SunBurn Platform Framework content pipeline offering access to both the standard Visual Studio based pipeline, and the SunBurn editor (which can run without Visual Studio).

Developer Hub

Centralized developer hub can manage and build SunBurn projects, provides quick and easy access to developer resources, documentation, examples, and more. Keeps you up-to-date with the latest community news, blogs, discussions, and release information.


Modular component design ideal for integration into both new and existing games and engines. Quickly plug in custom and 3rd party code, libraries, and systems. Easily override built-in methods, or completely replace built-in systems with custom components.

Control scene object and light behavior with object-level components. Apply components to objects using the editor or in code. Custom components are automatically discovered and available through the editor UI.

Create custom scene object and entity types (classes). Custom types are fully supported by the engine and can be placed, edited, and modified in-editor.

Access to low-level objects such as effects, shadow maps, lights, helper objects, and more, for quickly creating custom renderers, scenegraphs, and more.

Development Resources

Access to “how-to” code examples, which show common integration techniques, including the full source code and art assets to many SunBurn demos, sample projects, as well as Visual Studio Starter Kits. Includes SunBurn's helpful development community, documentation, and community resources.

Games Powered by SunBurn

Check out some of the fantastic games developed with SunBurn. Screenshots include Xbox LIVE games, Windows Phone games, Windows games, student projects, and more!

SunBurn Demos and Examples

See screenshots from SunBurn examples, starter kits, and our popular GameFest demos.


  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Free updates for life of the product!
  • No revenue restrictions
  • Build and release unlimited number of games, apps, simulations, and visualizations
  • Publish on:
    • Google Play (Android Marketplace)
    • Windows Store and Desktop
    • Mac OS X Desktop
    • Linux Desktop
    • Xbox LIVE Marketplace
    • Windows Phone Marketplace
    • Online (Steam, Desura, and similar)

  • Single user license
  • Install on up to 4 development machines at a time
  • Display splash screen in released games / products (players can skip splash screen)

Can't find the license you are looking for? Contact us for other options including bulk, educational, and custom licensing.

Required Software

Requirements for released games / products:

  • Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Windows 8.x RT, or higher (for Windows games and apps)
  • Mac OS X (for Mac games and apps)
  • Android 4.0.3 or higher (for Android games and apps)
  • Windows Phone 8 or higher (for Windows Phone games and apps)

Requirements for development:

  • Visual Studio 2013, 2012 or 2010 (any edition, including Express)
  • MonoDevelop 4.x
  • Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, or higher
  • Internet connection
  • Android development requires a Xamarin Android license

Required Hardware

Minimum for released games / products:

  • Shader Model 2.0 or higher hardware

Minimum for development:

  • nVidia 8600 GT / ATI 2600 Pro
  • Pentium 4 3.0Ghz / Athlon 64

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